End of Year Happenings

||| As the school year wraps up, we have lots of special opportunities to connect, have fun, and experience the culmination of projects that the students have been engaged in. Ms. Macnaughton has put together a video montage of some of these activities so you can have a glimpse of these special end-of-year events:

Gr 8 vs Faculty Kickball: an end of the year game with adults vs. 8th Graders. (The students won 15-9!)
Gr 3 Strings: These first-year violin students serenaded the parents in front of the school
Gr 3 & 4 ChessBall: A high-spirited game that alternates chess with soccer
Gr 5-8 Choir: Our upper graders gave a vocal performance for the other students
Gr 3 Store: Part of 3rd grade curriculum includes the chance to make and sell items to schoolmates
Gr 5-8 Panel: As the culmination of our speaker series, we had a panel of LGBTQ friends share their journeys. Hear them give advice to their 8th grade selves.
Gr 4 Animal Reports: Animal reports are a pillar of the 4th grade curriculum
Gr 7 Farm Trip: Planting & animal care trip to Three Springs Farm