The Treasure Tree is a place where we share school glimpses, news and a variety of other nuggets of goodness.

The name Treasure Tree is an homage to an actual tree near our previous location on Cedar Street.

As many of our families know and fondly remember, the treasure tree is the place where many of our children received unexpected treasures from John Fizer, aka the Treasureman.

John is a wonderful and brilliant singer, songsmith and human who started out playing the same clubs as Bob Dylan in the 60’s East Village. One of our parents, James Johnson, recently remastered some incredible recordings he made in the 70’s and arranged for them to be released on a small but respected label, Scissortail Records.

The Treasure Tree was a magical place for many of our children. John would sit across Walnut Street from the original Peet’s Coffee next to his Treasure Tree, which he kept stocked with a wonderful assortment of found treasures to share with whomever wanted one.

Our children loved visiting him and choosing treasures from the tree.

“I have overheard him tell his musician friends that seeing a child’s eyes light up on receiving a treasure is a bigger thrill than playing the Freight and Salvage.” – James Johnson

Listen to some of John’s songs.

John Fizer