In Their Words: Quotes by the Eighth Grade

||| Our first 8th grade graduating class was fortunate enough to take a 5-day hiking adventure along the Lost Coast of Northern California, in Humboldt County this past April. After having self-quarantined and being tested for COVID directly before their departure, they were able to be mask-free in each other’s company. 

In their own words, they share their experiences:


“Being out in nature, backpacking and having moments with just myself in the wilderness, as well as moments with my class that I will always treasure, was truly one of the highlights of Eighth Grade.”

“The backpacking trip my class took with KROKA was, in short, amazing, but I do not think you can grasp what that means without further explanation.” 


“On the first and last days we stayed on the Frey Farm where we met our amazing instructors and helped in the garden.” 


“We were assigned Big Jobs, roles we would play throughout the trip, such as breakfast cook, fire maker or hygiene manager. From the start, KROKA gave the students a lot of trust and responsibilities.” 

“The scenery was gorgeous. When we arrived at the Lost Coast after a full day of hiking up hills, the whole valley was covered in mist with the trees on the hills peaking out; it was beautiful!”

“We hiked up and down hills, through fields of forget-me-nots, under branches and over streams, and finally arrived at the beautiful Lost Coast. Resting for the day on the beach, I found myself staring at the vast ocean when we weren’t playing games or forming human pyramids.”


Gr 8 students making a wood spoon
Gr 8 students farming

“One of the best parts of the trip was hanging out on the beach, jumping in the water, playing games with one another and just relaxing on the warm sand eating trail mix.” 


There were discomforts, such as not having toilet paper or the seasonings for the food which in my day-to-day life I have, and we had to carry heavy backpacks with all our personal belongings plus group gear.”


Regardless of the soreness, the trip was an amazing experience. There were so many beautiful things to see – forest of tall redwood trees, wildflowers, and the waves hitting the rocks covered in mussels.” 


“Part of what I loved about this trip is that everyone looked out for each other on trail, and by all doing jobs to contribute to camp, we became much closer as a class community.” 

“On the last day of hiking we had a solo where we had to feed and warm ourselves, pack up camp and hike a few miles uphill as a class, without the adults.” 

“Once we hit our stride I feel that we all felt a solidarity and camaraderie we had never felt before, and in one day we were able to knock out the hike that had taken us two days on the way there.” 


“On our last night we enjoyed playing music around the fire while eating s’mores.” 


“I think that this was an amazing experience for me because I got to step out of my comfort zone and do things such as harvest mussels, carry supplies, and be out in nature for an extended amount of time, all things I would not have had the opportunity to do without this trip.”


“This trip was an incredible experience and is something I thought that I would never do.”

Gr 8 students backpacking through the Lost Coast
Gr 8 students do yoga at the beach
Gr 8 students make a human pyramid on the beach