Grade 1

The start of the grades journey is an exciting moment for the 6 year old, for whom intellectual and social relationships with their teacher and classmates are at the core. 

The basis of the curriculum is fairy tales from all over the world. The characters represent universal attributes such as courage, honesty and goodness. Taught best through narrative at this age, the young child absorbs and digests the lessons, developing strong emotional intelligence and social responsibility. 

Through archetypal images which connect to the child’s experience, the letters emerge. 

Through movement games, and using objects that they can manipulate, children are introduced to the rhythm and patterns of numerical knowing.


First Grade Curriculum


  • Quality of Numbers
  • Movement and Manipulatives
  • Beginning work on times tables
  • Four Processes are introduced

    Language Arts

    • Foundations of Reading
    • Whole Language Approach
    • Sounds of Letters and their formation
    • Oral recitation and drama

    Mandarin Chinese Immersion Class

    • Colors, Numbers and Intonation
    • Conversational skills
    • Chinese folk tales and songs

    Spanish Immersion Class

    • Folk Culture and Songs
    • Games and Movement
    • Conversational skills
    • Poetry and music


    • Imaginative games
    • Jumping rope
    • Recess free-play and extended hikes


    • Fairy Tales
    • Nature Stories


    • Beeswax, modeling
    • Wet-on-wet watercolor painting
    • Drawing from stories
    • Form drawing


    • Circle games and movement


    • Knitting


    • Singing and Games
    • Pentatonic Recorder
    • Seasonal Songs

    Natural Sciences

    • Outdoor Hikes
    • Daily explorations