Gr 8 Projects


|||   The 8th grade projects have traditionally been a culmination of the students’ work and the development of their skills over the 8 years of elementary school.

This year, the students were encouraged to think of their projects as less of a cap on their grade school experience and more of a starting point for future investigations into areas of their interest. The students approached their projects, considering them as a synthesis of three different elements: the research element, the artistic piece and the experience of doing.

Sean Chiki, 8th Grade Teacher 22-23

Take a look at what they chose to research and presented.

Model of a house made by an eighth grade student
Gr 8 student presenting project
Gr 8 presentation board on aerodynamics
Gr 8 Sea Level presentation board
gr 8 Currency presentation board
Gr 8 Engine presentation board
Gr 8 student presenting project
Gr 8 Sappho presentation board
Gr 8 women's suffrage presentation board

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