Mothering Circle


Support Group for New Mothers

New moms (in the first 12 months postpartum), and those who are expecting, need tender care and support not always readily available in our busy times. Create time for yourself and baby – relax into new motherhood in a circle based on respect and friendship.   

We’ll form a nurturing community of moms with similar aged children. Together we’ll focus on sharing helpful information, addressing topics of interest and concern during the postpartum period and helping to foster stability with non-judgmental support. We will take time to observe our thoughts and feelings and become present to what might be weighing on us. Topics of the week will include:

  • Changes in our bodies, expectations of ourselves and what others/society might expect of us
  • For first time Moms – The dramatic shift from being child-free to the impact on homelife, career, friendships and romance and the feelings that follow
  • Developmental milestones, your child, and what they tell us about your child’s wellbeing
  • Basics such as swaddling, the importance of warmth, sleep schedules, and quality interactions 
  • Rhymes, lullabies and other songs, movement and touching games to play
  • Explore different approaches to caring for your little one(s) – RIE, Waldorf, Attachment Parenting,etc
  • Ideas for sharing your parenting approach with your partner, your extended family and caregivers to achieve a homelife you envision
  • The impact of a new baby on sibling(s) and the family
  • Time for your questions and concerns
  • Tea and a snack will be provided

– From pregnancy through children 12 months of age
– Cost: $100 for 4 sessions
Jul 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th
– Wednesdays, 1pm – 2:30pm
– Teacher Bonnie Romanow

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