|||   As part of the fifth grade curriculum, and the study of Greek mythologies – as well as Greek art, philosophy, politics, math, and science – our fifth grade class joined another school in the traditional Pentathlon games celebrated by many Waldorf schools across North America. The Pentathlon, an Olympic-style games celebration, marks a right of passage from our elementary programs into our middle school and early adolescence years. It is a celebration and glorification of childhood, and a foreshadowing of what is to come.

Students from Berkeley Rose and WCCS were divided into “city-states,” and competed in five events: javelin, sprint, discus, long jump, and running. While the children put forth their best efforts in achieving results in speed and distance, more important was their display of grace, beauty, and form, as well as their individual efforts to achieve their best.

Chalkboard drawing of Ancient Greece
5th graders throwing the discus
5th grader's long jump
5th graders sprinting

All fifth graders did wonderfully, with the gods and goddesses of Greece watching over them.

Thank you Mr Simpson (Hercules) for leading our children into their own victory!

5th graders enjoying a popsicle after the event