Gr 8 drawing of Mary Wollstonecraft
|||   Women’s history is important year-round, but the month of March gives us an opportunity to highlight this theme. In our Eighth Grade, students read an excerpt from Mary Wollstonecraft’s famous work published in 1792, A Vindication of the Rights of Women. In the excerpt the students read, she argues that education for women benefits the whole society. The students also worked on portraits of Wollstonecraft. Interestingly, Mary Wollstonecraft’s daughter was Mary Shelley, the author of the Gothic novel Frankenstein, which the 8th Grade read earlier in the year.

The Eighth Grade projects are an opportunity for 8th Graders to pursue a topic of particular interest. Two of our students pursued topics related to Women’s History: one did a project on the Suffrage Movement and another focused on the Ancient Greek poet Sappho. Here is a glimpse of the display boards they created as part of their projects. Look for future postings that will feature some of our other 8th Grade projects!

Gr 8 students presentation of women's suffrage movement
Gr 8 women's suffrage presentation board
Gr 8 Sappho presentation board
Gr 8 presentation board up close - Ode to Aphordite by Sappho

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