Roman Vizcarra Visit Brings Indigenous Perspectives

|||  Roman Vizcarra, a founder of the Kusi Kawsay Andean School in Pisac, Peru, spent the day at Berkeley Rose on Monday March 21. He brought to our students and staff a rich treasury of music, story, history, handwork, and culture to share from the Quechua community he is a part of. In this wonderful video, put together by Anaolga Macnaughton, you will see a glimpse of what he brought:

  • A traditional instrumental piece performed for the 4/5th Grade
  • A show-and-tell of Quechua flutes and the story of the Guinea Pig and the Fox, brought to Grades 1-3
  • Part of a lecture on Incan agriculture and science for Grades 6, 7, and 8

After his day with the students, Roman spent time with our faculty sharing his thoughts and insights on Waldorf pedagogy and Indigenous Education. He discussed the history of Kusi Kawsay and how they are adapting the Waldorf curriculum to serve the indigenous students of the Andes in ways that support cultural strength, spiritual continuity, and ecological sustainability. What a gift it was to all of us!